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   Adopted by

   General Meeting


   Protocol No. 14

   Dated 10 January 2002

   Approved by

   General Meeting


   Protocol No. 15

   Dated 10 June 2002

                                                            Registered by

                                                      Chief Department of

                                   Russian Federation Ministry of Justice

                                                 in the Sverdlovsk Region

                                 <<_>> _______________ 200_ г. No. ______

                                              Head of Chief Department of

                                   Russian Federation Ministry of Justice

                                                 in the Sverdlovsk Region

                                                 __________ M.N. Zatzepin




                             Ekaterinburg, 2002


   1.1.  Sverdlovsk Regional Social Organization "Sutyajnik" (hereinafter
   -  "Organization") is a membership social association founded on basis
   of  the  joint  cooperation  for  protection  of  joint  interests and
   achievement  of  charter purposes of members. The legal organizational
   form is a social organization.

   1.2.  In  its  activities  "Organization"  is  guided  by  the Russian
   Federation  Constitution, Law "On Social Organization", other acts and
   present Charter.

   1.3. "Organization" is a legal entity from the state registration, has
   the solitary property in possession, has the autonomous balance sheet,
   current  accounts  in  banks,  has  the  right to acquire property and
   personal  non-property  rights  in  its  own  name, incur obligations,
   represent its interests in courts, arbitrazh and referees courts.

   1.4.  "Organization"  has  a  round  seal with its name, mark, symbol,
   headed paper.

   1.5. The address of "Organization": Ekaterinburg, Sirenevyi Boulevard,


   2.1.  The purpose of "Organization" is to contribute to realization of
   rights  and interests of citizens and organizations and to improve the
   population's legal culture.

   2.2.  The  tasks  of  "Organization" - distribution of legal knowledge
   among   the  population,  providing  free  legal  aid  to  members  of
   "Organization",  conducting seminars and lectures on actual issues for
   citizens,  free  distribution  of  literature  in  propaganda of legal

   2. 3. "Organization" is non-profit.


   3.1. The members of "Organization" can be citizens arriving at the age
   of 18. Foreigners and stateless persons on a par with Russian citizens
   can  be  members of "Organization" except as otherwise provided by the
   Russian laws or Russian Federation international treaties.

   3.2  The  admission  to  membership of "Organization" will be effected
   individually  on  basis  of  a  personal  statement of an entrant. The
   person  applying  for  membership  is  considered  to be a member from
   adoption of a relevant decision by the Presidium of "Organization".

   3.3. The membership in "Organization" is stopped: in case of voluntary
   withdrawal  from  "Organization"  from  the  moment of applying to the
   Presidium; by a decision of the Presidium of "Organization" for breach
   of  the  present  Charter;  factual lapsing membership (failure to pay
   members' subscription without a valid reason for more than 3 months).

   3  4.  The decision of the Presidium of "Organization" can be appealed
   at the general meeting (conference) or court.

   3.5.  The  obligations  of  members  of  "Organization":  a  member of
   "Organization"  must  be  accurate  and  steady  in abiding the acting
   legislation,  use  all  the  resources  and  means  of  protection  of
   citizens'  and  organizations' rights and interests which are provided
   by  laws,  fulfill the present Charter, pay members' subscription (its
   size is determined by the general meeting (conference)).

   3.6.  The  rights  of  members  of  "Organization": to elect and to be
   elected  to the bodies of "Organization", put questions for discussion
   by  "Organization" concerning the activities of "Organization", submit
   proposals   on  improvement  of  its  work  and  take  part  in  their
   discussion, withdraw from "Organization".


   4.1. "Organization" works at the territory of the Sverdlovsk region.

   4.2.  The  superior  body  of  "Organization"  is  the general meeting
   (conference)  of  members  of  "Organization";  the  Presidium  is its
   executive continuing body; the Audit Commission is its examining body.
   The  continuing  body  of  "Organization"  is  situated  at Sverdlovsk
   oblast, Ekaterinburg, Sirenevyi Boulevard, 1-313.

   4.  3.  The  Audit  Commission  and  Presidium  of  "Organization" are
   selected by the general meeting for two years.

   4.4.  The following activities fall within the exclusive competence of
   the  general meeting (conference): adoption of the Charter, alteration
   to   the   Charter,   determination   of   activities'  directions  of
   "Organization", making a decision on reorganization and liquidation of
   "Organization",  election  of  the Presidium of "Organization", of the
   Audit  Commission, confirmation of the structure of "Organization" and
   budget, election of the President of "Organization".

   4.5.  The general meeting (conference) takes place no less than once a
   year.  The  extraordinary  general meeting (conference) can be held at
   request   of:   the   Audit   Commission,   Presidium,   President  of
   "Organization", at initiative of j% members of "Organization"

   4.6.   Between  the  general  meetings  (conferences)  the  purposeful
   activities  of  "Organization"  are  conducted  by  the  Presidium  of
   "Organization",  elected  by  the general meeting (conference) for two

   4.7.  The  Presidium  of  "Organization"  includes  the  President  of
   "Organization"  who  is  also  the Head of "Presidium", members of the
   Presidium  elected  at the general meeting (conference). The Presidium
   is accountable to the general meeting (conference).

   4.8.  The  Presidium  of  "Organization"  calls  the  general  meeting
   (conference),  compose  an agenda, determines an electoral quotient at
   the  conference,  confirms  a  perspective and current plan of work of
   "Organization", admits to "Organization", is responsible for execution
   of   decisions   adopted  by  the  general  meeting  (conference)  and
   supervises their execution.

   4.9. The general meeting (conference) and meeting of the Presidium are
   eligible,  in  case  if  over  half  of  its members (delegates of the
   conference)  are present at the meeting (conference) or meeting of the
   Presidium.  The decision of the meeting (conference) is adopted by the
   majority of members' votes present at the meeting (conference).

   4.10.  The  President  of  "Organization"  is  elected  at the general
   meeting  (conference)  for  two years. The President of "Organization"
   has  the  right  to  act  on behalf and in interests of "Organization"
   without a power of attorney, to dispose the property of "Organization"
   including its assets within the approved budget according to decisions
   of the general meeting (conference) and Presidium, to conclude all the
   treaties  and  contracts on behalf of "Organization"; open accounts in
   banks,  to  have the primary authority to sign; and to grant powers of
   attorney  to  members of "Organization"; to subscribe decisions of the
   Presidium;  to  act  as chairman at the general meetings (conferences)
   and  meetings  of the Presidium; to make a report on its activities in
   realization  of  programmes  and execution of decisions of the general
   meeting  (conference),  the  Presidium;  to  represent ready financial
   reports  to the general meeting (conference) and Presidium; to perform
   other functions set by the Presidium.

   4.11.   The  Audit  Commission  is  elected  by  the  general  meeting
   (conference)  for  two  years  for  supervision  of fulfillment of the
   Charter,  finances  and  business  operations.  The  Audit  Commission
   supervises  finances and business operations by request of the general
   meeting (conference), Presidium, President of "Organization" or by its
   own  initiative.  The results of examinations are brought to notice of
   the  Presidium  and represented at the nearest meeting (conference) of
   "Organization".  The  Audit  Commission  elects  a  head  of the Audit

   4.12.  The  Audit  Commission  has  the  right to check the results of
   finances  and business operations of "Organization", to examine orders
   and  decisions  of "Organization", to require an extraordinary general
   meeting (conference) of "Organization" to be called.

   4.13.  The  Head  of  the  Audit  Commission has the right: to take as
   chairman  at the meeting of the Audit Commission, to suspend any order
   and  decision  of  "Organization", to require an extraordinary general
   meeting (conference) of "Organization" to be called.

   4.14.  The  Head  of  the  Audit  Commission  is  obliged: to organize
   preparation and quarterly to conduct meetings of the Audit Commission,
   to  supervise the fulfillment of the present Charter, decisions of the
   general  meeting  (conference),  Presidium,  and  also  orders  of the
   President of "Organization".

   4.15. For the moment of the creation and state registration as a legal
   entity "Organization" has a united structure.

   4.16.  "Organization"  has  the  right to establish departments of two
   kinds: separate (branches, representative offices) and divisions.

   4.17.  The  decision on establishment of departments is adopted by the
   general meeting.

   4.18. The departments are equipped with property of "Organization" and
   possess,   use,  dispose  it  according  to  regulations  provided  by


   5.1.  "Organization" can have in its possession land plots, buildings,
   constructions,   structures,   housing  funds,  transport,  equipment,
   cultural,   educational,  healthful  property,  funds,  shares,  other
   capital  issues  and  other  property  necessary for supply support of

   5.2.   "Organization"  can  have  in  its  possession  establishments,
   publishing  houses,  mass media, which are created and obtained at the
   expense  of "Organization" according to its purposes under the Charter
   except property which cannot be in possession of "Organization" due to
   state  and  public security or under the international treaties of the
   Russian Federation.

   5.3.  The  property of "Organization" ...Собственность <<Организации>>
   охраняется законом.


   6.1.  The  property  of "Organization" consists of membership fees and
   subscriptions,  donations  and  contributions, revenues from lectures,
   exhibitions,   lotteries,  auctions  and  other  events  conducted  by
   "Organization",  income  from  civil  deals  and  other  revenues  not
   prohibited by the law.


   7  1.  "Organization"  has  its  own  round seal with its name, stamp,
   symbol, form sheets with its requisites.

   7.2.  The description of the seal: the seal has an external circle and
   two  internal  circles.  Between the first and second internal circles
   there is a sign - Russia Ekaterinburg. Under it there is a second sign
   - Social Organization "Sutyajnik". In the middle of the seal there are
   letters "OOS" which have internal and external circles.


   8.1.   In   case  of  alteration  and  amendment  to  the  Charter  of
   "Organization"  the  Presidium  of  "Organization"  calls  the general
   meeting (conference) of "Organization".

   8.2.  Alteration  and  amendment  to  the  Charter  of "Organization",
   adopted  by the general meeting (conference), come into force from the
   state registration.


   9.1.   The   activities   of  "Organization"  can  be  ceased  by  its
   reorganization (amalgamation and accession) or by liquidation.

   9.2.  The  reorganization  is conducted by the decision of the general
   meeting  (conference).  In the course of reorganization the Charter of
   "Organization" is altered and its successor is determined.

   9.3.  The  liquidation  is  conducted  by  the decision of the general
   meeting  (conference) or court, according to the law and the procedure
   provided by the law.

   9.4.  The  property  of liquidated "Organization" is aimed at purposes
   provided by the present Charter.

   9.5.  "Organization" is considered to be liquidated from the moment of
   its exclusion from the state register of social organizations.


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