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                               FIRST SECTION

   ECHR-LE4.3aR 12 April 2012


   Application no. 26504/07 Abramchuk v. Russia

   Dear Madam,

   I   enclose  a  copy  of  the  Government's  letter  containing  their
   unilateral declaration inviting the Court to strike the above case out
   of the list.

   The President of the Section has instructed me to invite you to submit
   by  18  May 2012 at the latest any comments which you may wish to make
   in  reply  on  behalf  of  the  applicant. The Court will consider the
   Government's  request to strike the case out of the list on receipt of
   your comments.

   Please inform the Court of your e-mail address if you have one. It may
   be  useful  for  notification  purposes  in  the  final  stage  of the

                             Yours faithfully,

                      Soren Nielsen Section Registrar

   Enc: Unilateral declaration

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