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                        CASE OF ABRAMCHUK V. RUSSIA

                         (Application no. 26504/07)


   I,  Georgy Matyushkin, the Representative of the Russian Federation at
   the  European  Court  of Human Rights, hereby declare that the Russian
   authorities acknowledge the lengthy enforcement of the judgment of the
   Kurgan town court of the Kurgan region of 22 August 2005. The judgment
   became  final  on  13  October  2005 and was fully enforced on 26 July
   2007. The delay in enforcement constituted 1 year 9 months 14 days.

   The  authorities are ready to pay the applicant ex gratia a sum of EUR
   1000  as just satisfaction, plus any tax that may be chargeable on the

   The  authorities therefore invite the Court to strike the present case
   out  of  the  list of cases. They suggest that the present declaration
   might  be  accepted  by the Court as "any other reason" justifying the
   striking  out of the case of the Court's list of cases, as referred to
   in Article 37 S: 1 (c) of the Convention.

   The  sum  referred  to  above,  which  is  to  cover any pecuniary and
   non-pecuniary  damage  as  well as costs and expenses, will be free of
   any  taxes  that  may  be  applicable. It will be payable within three
   months  from  the  date  of  notification of the decision taken by the
   Court  pursuant to Article 37 S: 1 of the European Convention on Human
   Rights.  In  the  event  of  failure  to  pay this sum within the said
   three-month period, the Government undertake to pay simple interest on
   it from expiry of that period until settlement, at a rate equal to the
   marginal  lending rate of the European Central Bank during the default
   period plus three percentage points.

   This payment will constitute the final resolution of the case.

   The  Ministry  of  Justice of the Russian Federation 14, Zhitnaya str.
   119991, Moscow, Russia

   For the authorities

   of the Russian Federation

   G. Matyushkin

   10 /04/2012 " (date)

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