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Письмо ЕСПЧ о направлении вопросов сторонам по делу Исарлов против России







                               FIRST SECTION

   ECHR-LE4.1aR 4 September 2012


   Application no. 4493/07 Isarlov v. Russia

   Dear Madam,

   I  write to inform you that following a preliminary examination of the
   admissibility  of  the  above  application  on  30  August  2012,  the
   President of the Section to which the case has been allocated decided,
   under  Rule  54  S:  2  (b)  of the Rules of Court, that notice of the
   application  should  be given to the Government of Russia and that the
   Government  should  be  invited  to submit written observations on the
   admissibility and merits of the case.

   You  will  find  enclosed  an  information  note  to applicants on the
   proceedings after communication of an application.

   The  Government have been requested to submit their observations by 15
   January  2013.  These will be sent to you in order that you may submit
   written  observations  in  reply  on behalf of the applicant, together
   with  any  claim for just satisfaction under Article 41 (cf. Rule 60).
   Please  do not send any submissions before being asked to do so by the
   Court.  Any  unsolicited  submissions will normally not be included in
   the  case  file  for  consideration by the Court (Rule 38 S: 1). Under
   Rule  34 S: 4 (a), the Government have been authorised to submit their
   observations  in  Russian if they so prefer, but they must provide the
   Court  with  a  translation  into  English  or French no later than 12
   February 2013.

   The  Government have been requested to deal with the questions set out
   in  the  document appended to this letter (Statement of facts prepared
   by the Registry of the Court and Questions to the parties).

   The Government have been informed that no observations are required on
   the other complaints made.

   The Government have also been requested to indicate by 15 January 2013
   their  position  regarding  a  friendly settlement of this case and to
   submit  any  proposals they may wish to make in this regard (Rule 62).
   The  same  request  will  be  made  of  you  when  you  receive  their

   I would inform you that at this stage of the proceedings, according to
   Rule   34   S:   3,   all   communications   of  applicants  or  their
   representatives shall as a rule be made in one of the Court's official
   languages, English or French.

   I  should  draw  your  attention  to  Rule  33  of the Rules of Court,
   according  to  which  documents  deposited  with  the  Registry by the
   parties  or  by  any third parties are to be accessible to the public,
   unless  the President of the Section decides otherwise for the reasons
   set  out  in  Rule  33  S:  2.  It  follows that as a general rule any
   information  contained  in  the  documents  which  you  lodge with the
   Registry,  including  information  about  identified  or  identifiable
   persons,  may  be accessible to the public. Moreover, such information
   may  appear in the Court's HUDOC data base accessible via the Internet
   if  the  Court  includes  it  in  a  statement  of  facts prepared for
   notification  of  a  case  to the respondent Government, a decision on
   admissibility or striking off, or a judgment.

   Please inform the Court of your e-mail address if you have one. It may
   be  useful  for  notification  purposes  in  the  final  stage  of the

   Yours faithfully,

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